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Hey Blogger-Business Go Getter!

So now you have decided that you are totally ready to get your blog or online business started!...I am so excited for you and ready to help you get that process going!  This should take you no more than 10 minutes(and that is if you type slow!)  

Step one of course is scoring that all important URL!...Sorry for the web speak! 

URL simply means Universal Resource Locator. It is the address of a web page or website. Each page has its own unique web address (URL). This is how your computer is able to locate the web page that you are trying to access!  

By the way URL's are also called Domain Names!

So you know that it is important to pick a good URL and here is how:

1. Go to a provider or web host.  I choose to use GoDaddy because they routinely have really good deals to get domain names.  

2. Use this coupon and get your web address for $1.99!  I love these deals and NEVER pay full price for domain names.

3. Simply put your chosen domain name in the big box and see if what you want is available.  Have a few different ideas so that you are not too frustrated if the one that you want is not available.


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If you have any questions do not fail to shoot me an email at!  I am happy to get right back to you and help you through whatever trouble that you might be having in getting your own website address, domain name, URL or whatever you want to call it!

Social Side Note: In most technical circles, people usually do not like to have their site hosted and URL purchased from the same place.  It locks you in too tightly and can put you in a technological pickle if you get mad at your host!  I will talk about getting a HOST in the next post!  


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