Is it wrong to write about my life...and yours? | Blood, Sweat & Heels

As a lifestyle blogger I am inspired to write by life.

"So is it wrong to write about my life?"

The better question is,

"Is it wrong to write about YOUR life if you share it with me?"

I was watching the new television show on Bravo, "Blood, Sweat and Heels" and Demetria L. Lucas of a Belle in Brooklyn wrote about an experience that she had at an acquaintances event.

Blood-Sweat-Heels Demetria L. Lucas It was a brunch, it was a mess. It was not the best exposure. Of course the hostess was livid that Demetria was so candid and so were all of the other chicks who were mentioned in the article. There were NO names, the guilty were protected, but the blog posts were informative and interesting.

So I am a blogger...a writer (like Demetria) and a bit messy.

That is why people come to I talk a little mess, share a little beauty and talk more mess.

I have always been careful NOT to overstep the boundries of my personal life on my blog such as writing about the intimacies of my dating life(even though that would be sooooo funny)...or even taking excessive pictures of my loved ones. Those are MY LIMITS. That is not to say that they will not change.

When I was younger I was a big fan of Sex and the City and of course Carrie Bradshaw made me want to move to NYC and write about my love life too! Well I'm not in NYC, but I do hustle like Carrie and I DO write.

Write Blogger Blood Sweat Heels Classy Black Girl

If something moves me enough to write about it-I will. And I do not appreciate the fact that somebody would even move their mouth to tell me what I can or cannot write.

How about I would never disrespect my friends or the intimacies of my personal life, but do something write-worthy...and you will see it right over here at

What say you? Bloggers, Writers, People...

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