Wine, Wings & Resolutions! How to Drink Wine & Lose Weight! #FlightSongResolutions

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Its that time of the year again.  Resolutions are made and even fewer are kept because let's just admit it...they are too hard.  Most of us make unrealistic resolutions and goals and then become upset with ourselves because we didn't keep them.  75% of people who make resolutions break them within one week.  A resolution that I was NOT willing to break was my love for good wine and my love for looking and feeling good.

I drink a glass of wine with maybe 2 to 3 meals that I eat a week.  So that means that I am very picky about my food and even more picky about my wine. I love a wine that tastes good, makes me smile, does a dance over my palate and that doesnt pick up the pounds.  Since Wine is a regular part of my diet that means that I have to do a little more cardio...but its worth it!  Also, I have discovered Brancott Estate Wines! They make wine drinking for the girl who is minding her waistline just a little bit easier and much more fun!  They are also 20% lower in calories than comparable wines!



Brancott Estate Wines has two wines that are both low calorie and help me in my Atkins/Paleo journey!  So while I might skip the cornbread, your girl will never skip the wine and because I have #FlightSongResolutions and love my wings...I can stay fly and enjoy my wine!  Some swaps for food are tough to make and are not ones that we look forward to, but I would drink the Sauvignon Blanc even if I was not watching my weight-its PURE DELICIOUS!  

I love that the wines are so light and while it has still been a bit cold in California, the Pinot Grigio is extra fruity and light and it reminds me of "Spingtime in a Glass" and helps me to stay pumped about my New Years resolutions!

While most people only drink white wine with lighter meats like chicken and fish I also enjoy my wine over ribs or even a Bunless Hamburger!  

However this weekend I decided to make Tequila Lime Wings and enjoy a glass of wine!  It was the perfect light Wine Wednesday Meal!  

Get Your Own Bottle of Flight Song and Stay FLY!

What are YOUR resolutions for the New Year?  Have you been able to keep them?  Talk about them on the Brancott Estate Facebook Page!

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