Why Won't She Call You Back?

Why Won't She Call You Back?

Why Wont She Call You Back?

So gentlemen, you meet a nice young lady. She is intelligent, she looks good to you and you dig her conversation. You feel like you have a good vibe going and then one day you call her and she doesn't pick up. You don't think much of it, she will hit you back around your usual cupcake time. She doesn't. You call her and she doesn't pick up again. You are thinking, something must be wrong, this isn't like my girl.

Then you get a text the next morning. "Hey you."

Why Won't She Call You Back?

You feel like you are in the twilight zone. Why Won't She Call You Back? Then she finally calls you when you are in a meeting. When you call her back, she picks up but cant talk for long. What happened to your girl? Before you know it, you are a victim of the friendly fade. But you dont know why. Let me break it down to you. Here are 5 reasons why she wont call you back:

1. Lets just be honest. She is seeing somebody else. Most women can multi-task, we may even be able to split "the pie," but more than likely we cant split our hearts. She may not be calling you back because she is seeing somebody else.

2. She is bored with your conversation. Look, boring is relative. Two scientists might love talking about science where as I just want to chop it up about the Lakers and go get some Chicken and Waffles....and then well uh, you know. But if your conversation is boring OR offensive she may not call you back.

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3. You did something to turn her off. Maybe you have a cat or maybe you are a bit more feminine than she would like. Maybe your breath was just a bit too strong the past two times you went out. Sometimes you can do something to turn somebody off and you reached the point of no return.

4. You are too clingy. There is a fine line between being into you and being ON you. When a guy is being into you you dig the text messages and answer the phone by the third ring. When your girl texts back slow or picks up sporadically-especially when it happens suddenly-she is JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

5. The sex was NOT GOOD and she doesnt want to "give it a go" again. Women are pretty forgiving in the sex area-usually. But if you are not the "right fit" for her(you know what I mean) or you were just a boring or unsexy lay-she may not call you back.

To avoid this: Bring out all the stops the first time you get the opportunity. And a man that doesnt go down gets dropped like a hot iron-quickly.

This is Why Wont She Call You Back!

So I am no relationship expert, I have just been in that awful position of not wanting to call a guy back again. I once told a guy that I was engaged so that he would not call me back. In reality, I was BORED with the sex and we were not even in a relationship. I knew that I didnt want it to go any further.

Real talk, if a girl doesnt call you back-its a lost cause. The only thing that you can do is ASK what happened, but most women will not be honest with you-we don't want to hurt your feelings. But I WILL be honest with you. Move on to another girl. Seriously-she isn't "the one."

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