Why I Deleted Your Phone Number...

Why I deleted your phone number

I received a phone call from a number that I did not recognize. It could be business so I quickly picked up.

Why I deleted your phone number ClassyBlackGirl USE

Me: "Hello."

Him: "Hey girl..."

Me: "Who is this?"

He identified himself as my ex of a few years ago, I smiled widely and then the conversation rolled on.

It made me smile and the conversation was so good that it never felt like any time had passed between us. Of course we discussed what had happened between us and he apologized-for being a jerk. *smile* I have been a jerk before so I understood. It is not THAT you break-up, its HOW you break-up with somebody.

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And then he asked me,

"{The Nickname that he calls me}, why did you delete my phone number?"

I brushed him off with some of my double talk and some Classy, Black Girl game-because I didn't want to tell him my shameful crazy girl truth.

The reason that I delete phone numbers of my Ex's is is two-fold:

You Are Dead to Me

1. Deleting phone numbers(pictures, text messages) is the best way for me to signify to my brain that you are no longer part of me. Like Mr. Wonderful says on Shark Tank,

"You are Dead to me."

I need to send somebody away from me emotionally, physically and electronically or else I will still have hope that we will be together. I will see your photos in my phone, I will inevitably cry more-which I do NOT want to do! If we didn't work the first time-it probably won't work out again, its just that my heart is still there.

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Why I Deleted Your Phone Number ClassyBlackGirl.com

I Can't Handle the Temptation

2. I will be too tempted to call or text you. I am super level headed in life, but in relationships I can be emotionally charged. I will probably look for a way to connect with you, read old text messages. If I have your number I will have a weak moment, humiliate myself and call. Usually I feel horrible after calling because you either did not pick up or you brushed me off so tough that I wished that you had not picked up. *big-sigh*

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So the next time you want to know why somebody deleted your number, blocked you from their social media or you wonder why they ask, "Who is this?" when they text you that's why.

Can it be Prevented?

This can all be prevented by manning or womaning up and letting them know that you dont want to be in a relationship with them-you know...like an adult. I can't be too harsh though, I have done the same thing becuase some people are so nice that its hard to break the cold hard truth to them.

But in case you wanted to know that's why I deleted your phone number.

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery