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Why do women wear hats to church?

church hats classyblackgirl sharelle d lowery preachers of la
church hats classyblackgirl sharelle d lowery preachers of la

I was watching Preachers of LA and First Lady La Vette Gibson was talking about why women wear hats in the church house. She said,

"Church ladies wear hats because it's a part of the wardrobe of what is considered a well dressed woman."

Hmmm...so that is not exactly what I learned in church and I needed to do some personal research because I didn't want to judge Lady La Vette since Preachers of LA has already been receiving tough backlash, however I simply despise when bad information is passed.

Me and my hats

I personally have always loved to wear hats to church, I think that they are fly, sophisticated and conservative. Everything that I would like to be in God's eyes and in real life. But I was taught that the real reason that women wear hats in church is as a symbol of humility and to come humbly before the Lord.

Women wearing hats in church is Biblical?

Why yes, women wearing hats in church is Biblical.  1 Corinthians 11:15, Paul insisted that women should cover their heads in worship. Over time and in different denominations this scripture has taken on many loose interpretations, such as women's bodies being fully covered. This conservative school of thought lies within the same vein of Middle Eastern women wearing Hijab, or the veil to symbolize morality, privacy and modesty.

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So it would be putting it lightly to say that Lady Lavette spoke in error.

So the next time that somebody asks or mentions why women wear big old hats to church you can give them the correct answer rooted in the Word, not just something that sounds good.

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