When Gifts Last Longer Than Your Relationship... Toss or Return?

When a relationship of any type comes to an end it can be difficult. Be it romantic or just a BFF that no longer is. Even when it is best for us, separation hurts.


As loving people we exchange gifts and have little reminders and photographs around our homes of people that we love and loved because they were a part of our lives.  However, when we hit the delete button on that relationship the "things" and the "gifts" are still there. Gifts can haunt and taunt you, so I have a very clear and straightforward way that I deal with the end. I put a period on it.

Beyonce said, "to the left, to the left.  Everything you own in a box to the left." 


That also goes for any gifts.

If I have received some very precious gifts like a necklace, I will keep that in my jewelry box.  Photographs belong in a treasure chest with love letters and the like, but everything else that reminds me of that person...I will just give it to a less fortunate person. 

If you left me then we are official Black History and I don't want your sh*t around to remind me of the rejection. Instead of making me sad, that fragrance can make the next girl happy.

Give it Back, Turn It Loose

Let me just go ahead and say right now that I am no Indian Giver, so I don't ever want to be in a relationship with one.  If you cared about me enough to give me a gift I am not giving it back. Not a purse, not a piece of jewelery, not a car. Don't even ask. It is MINE now.

The only time that I would give a gift back would be if I were engaged and called it off. That is a promise to fulfill a contract, and you are not going to see me on Judge Judy. No Sir-Ma'am.

So two snaps for class and toss those memories in the trash.