Whats New Now??...A Better Waistline!

Sooo...this is where people come to get "in the know" about my New-Now! Well Im Soooo glad that you are here, I am always changing and evolving my my love has always been beauty, hair, fashion and a LITTLE bit of partyin' thrown in!...well here is my next big endeavor-coffee...No, not Starbucks...My Gorgeous Girl Coffee!!!

I noticed my Mother getting a new waistline and I KNEW that I needed her New-New!...and I needed it NOW!!!...So I took a "hit" of herΒ  "healthy coffee" and I noticed that my circulation was better in my feet, my energy was through the roof, AND...in a matter of days I started calling it skinny coffee because I was fitting jeans that I had not been able to get into...and being a lover of white...you ALREADY know!!...too tight is ONE thing too small is NOT acceptable!!

So I just want to let you know that I am selling this coffee...and LOVING IT!!...like any nutritional product these are MY EXPERIENCES...so Im not guaranteeing...but just like I was having women working that thang in a Body Magic...this coffee gives you a REAL waistline honey!!...get yours!...and thats my new-new!...you can always reach me direct to get more information and get yours drop shiped or delivered to you!

Sharelle D. Lowery, 510-414-2369, Twitter @ClassySharelle or sharelle@sharelle.me