What is a QR Code?

Scan My QR Have You Seen One of these??

They are called QR Codes, it stands for Quick Response code.  They are popping up all over the place and they are a new wave in business and promotion.  The codes started in 1994 for the automotive industry but have since been used for businesses and individuals for the purpose of transmitting contents at high speed.  The way to get the contents you ask?...make sure that you have a QR code application downloaded to your phone!  Open the application, click scan and move your camera phone towards the QR code, scan it like an old fashioned bar-code and some form of information will POP up on your phone!  When you scan the above QR code my personal information will come up for your contacts!  However a website, a text message, a contact or other digital information will appear.

To create one for your business, product, business card, brochure, social networking site, t-shirt or other communicator in the RedLaser(or any other mobile application) application: open and click on the QR Codes link and you are given options.  Other applications are also similar and equally very easy to use!  Other companies that offer Free QR codes include: Kaywa, QRStuff or QuikQr.

Good Luck Generating!

Classily Yours,

Sharelle D. Lowery