What Can Celebrity Mother's Learn From Kimbella's Lack of Class?

The internet is a dirty, icky place.  However, as an adult I can roll with the punches.  If I post a picture of myself I can fully accept the consequences of what that picture means.  But Kimbella, she knows better.

There are of course a LOT of photos that I choose NOT to post because I look too fat, too silly, too ugly...or too much like a slore.  I think about my image constantly because at the end of the day it is all that I have.

Kimbella, most well known as one of the crazy chicks on Love and Hip Hop NY and longtime chick of rapper Julez Santana is clearly in need of money.  In the footsteps of Kris Kardashian Kmibella is pimping her daughter for affiliate cash.  Girl for real?

A few hours ago Kimbella took this instagram photo of herself and her daughter posing in mother-daughter bathing suits to promote a brand that she makes money from. Hmmm.... So I guess that could be innocent enough if Kimbella didn't pose like a THOT and her poor daughter pulling her swim suit down while looking obviously uncomfortable.

See for yourself.

I actually hurt inside for this little girl because this picture will live in infamy and its almost child pornography.  Her mother is a Men's Magazine Model and has now introduced her daughter into a lifestyle where her young nonexistent sexuality is being exploited.  Even Kim Kardashian was an adult when Kris started pimping her. 

What Mother's can learn from Kimbella's lack of class is that children are not for sale.  The internet is a very dirty and gross place.  There are perverts looking at this photograph who have no intention of purchasing this swimsuit, but maybe purchasing a little girl who looks just like little Bella Monroe James.  It would be naive for Kimbella or anybody else to say that this pose is innocent.  She better not.


Is Julez really taking such poor care of his family that this form of prostitution is what Kimbella is forced to reduce her family to?

Note to Mothers:

  • Make Better Fathering Decisions
  • Keep Your Half Naked Daughters off of Instagram
  • You would look more respectable in a McDonalds uniform than having your daughter in a 2 piece
  • Don't pimp your children out

What say you about Kimbella's lack of Class and Mothering skills?