Wedding Etiquette Wednesday | Announcing that He Put a Ring On It!....Your Engagement Announced The RIGHT Way

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday is literally my favorite BlogPost of the Week!

Weddings are filled with so much beauty, whimsy and tradition who can help but not to love them? long as the proper Wedding Etiquette is followed!

While I am a stickler for enjoying the day, there are some issues that must be handled specifically to insure that not only YOU but your family and loved ones may easily enjoy the day!

Five Wedding Etiquette Tips that are a MUST when Announcing Your Engagement The RIGHT Way:

1. If you were married before, do NOT announce that you are engaged, nor even become officially engaged until you are divorced.  While Kim Kardashian did not announce another wedding before being divorced from Kris Humpheries, her next relationship with Kanye West was extrememly public and displyed poor wedding etiquette, for her to still be married.

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday | Announcing that He Put a Ring On It!....Your Engagement Announced The RIGHT Way

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2. If there are children involved in either parties lives, those children MUST be notified before anybody else.  Especially if the children are still in the home with either parent. Its quite important that the children are made to feel comfortable and an authentic part of the new family.

Power Tip: When sharing the Marriage Announcement with children, do not forget to include the other parent as well since they will also play a large part in making sure that the child or children understand that the step parent does not replace them or the former spouse in the childs life.

3. Tell you parents very soon after the engagement takes place since they may want to assist in planning and paying for some aspects of the wedding!...and remember that this day is soooooo important for the Mother of the Bride.  While it is not her day, its quite close.

4. Printed Engagement Announcements at this time are seen as gauche and inappropriate so there must be other ways that you announce your engagement.  The parents should be the official announcement makers!

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5. Public Announcements are one of the most exciting ways to share that you are getting married with your social community!  You may share this announcement via news paper or special magazine such as our new wedding magazine if you would like to be listed! Please EMAIL US and we will send you a submission form!

Congratulations on your New Wedding or feel free to pass this Article on to Your Friends and Family who are on their way down the Aisle!

...and No Matter What Remind them to Display good Wedding Etiquette!

We are always available to consult with Wedding Coordinators to regarding the proper wedding etiquette and courtesies!

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