VIDEO: Amina Buddafly AND Peter Gunz are both Atheists! #LAHHNY

Although the Love and Hip New York season is over, it seems like the drama is never ending. We have Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz...and we have an absence of ANY GOD. Oh you don't know who these two are?...Let's get into the juicy, messy story! Amina Buddafly Atheist Sway

Amina Buddafly, side-chick and wife of Peter Gunz reveals to the world on the Sway in the morning show that she does not believe in God. Well that explains all of this mess, if you do not feel like there is any higher power to answer to, life is all about how you feel right at this moment. I was completely surprised. And I admit, I watched this whole interview, besides the fact (I did fast forward through her performances because her voice is terrible and her message is pretty disgusting-but still I watched) that Sway is super funny to watch he also personally knows the couple and is a long time friend of Peter Gunz. So he had this girls defenses down and he asked her all of the juicy tea...sip.

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What did you think of this interview? I have been saying all season that THIS Love and Hip Hop was more than just a well-edited story, but that this story was REAL. I have just never heard of a WIFE Hiding herself from the side chick! However, that is exactly what Amina Buttafly did...and Peter Gunz just kept telling his wife that he would eventually tell his girlfriend that he was married-WHAT??

Oh and guess what??...Amina Buddafly is now about 3 months pregnant!

Side chicks are so winning these days. What say you? Does it even matter that they are both atheists?

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