Velveeta Introduces New Skillet Singles Meals

Velveeta Introduces New Skillet Singles Meals

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People call me Mr. Busy quite often. It may be a meeting in the Bronx, a networking event in Manhattan or some other engagement that calls for me to head out of town to another state or country. Having to be at so many places constantly has me eating on the move or while doing other things. Fortunately for me I was introduced to the ideal product to fill in that hunger when I don’t have the time to really cook up a full meal. Walmart recently introduced Velveeta Skillet Singles which come in 4 microwaveable meal options that really hit the spot for me. I found them to be perfect for me as an easy lunch meal as I work through my daily “To Do” List. This is especially true after completely a workout and needing to refuel with a real filling meal.

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It’s essentially a five step process to go from hungry to satisfaction. You remove the package, peel back the wrapper, heat for 1 minute, add the Liquid Gold sauce and dive in. This all literally took me about 2 minutes to do. It was not a new thing for me to miss meals because I’m working or running around but who can’t spare two minutes?

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I picked up all 4 meal options and out of Ultimate Cheeseburger, Lasagna, Chicken Chili and Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Chili is leading the way as my favorite.

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 I could easily chow down of 2 of these back to back and still stay on schedule for my full day of activity. In fact that’s what I did as I booked travel from NY to Toronto. It took less time to finish the 2 Velveeta Skillet Singles then it did to complete my flight details. You can’t beat that.

We have about 4 different super markets/super stores in my city of New Rochelle, NY. With Stop & Shop, ShopRite, Food Town and Costco all within minutes of my home it takes a real desire for something for me to drive up to the closest Walmart in White Plains roughly 15mins away. After trying out these Skillet Singles though, I predict that there will be many more rides to Walmart in the near future.

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