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The Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List is at the top of the my Fashion Fabulosity List!

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However, I did have some concerns about the list this years Vanity Fair list, from my Classy, BlackGirl perspective:

1. First Lady Michelle Obama was clearly snubbed for a second year in a row. In case you didn't know, I stan for her as well.  The Root's Take on Why the FLOTUS didn't make the LIST!

2. Plus Sized Snub! There was not even ONE plus-sized person on the list. Really, not even Oprah?

3. The List was not very colorful. There were 3 Black people, but basically no other ethnicities were really featured. No Latina's (okay Giselle Bundchen, who looks more white than not) and only one Asian woman. I would like to see more color and not just pattern's thank you very much Vanity Fair.

Lets Hash Out the Three Black People that DID get chosen however!

Betsey Johnson

Kerry Washington

This was a must. What I truly like about Kerry Washington is that she is NOT afraid to take risks. She has a tiny little body, so she can do so much. Even her fashion misses are fabulous because she is equipped with the best aura of gorgeous than I have seen in quite a while!

kerry washington oscar de la renta classyblackgirl

kerry washington in wes gordon

kerry washington best dressed

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LeBron James

Hmm...well I want to be mindful of how I put this. He reminds me of Jaime Foxx in Django Unchained. I know that we as Black Folks tend to love color, I have been known to pop a few brightly colored collars as well, but I can't get over the slight monkeyish-ness way that I feel about him whenever I see him dressed outside of his warm-ups.

lebron james

lebron james clown tuxedo


Can you see my applause?? I love me some Mrs. Carter honey! This has been a breakout year for her in fashion. Her lifestyle was truly displayed in how she chose to adorn that gorgeous body of hers! Weather she was showing off the Sexy Post Baby Body in GQ, on working vacay in Cuba or adhering to the Grammy's ridiculous new standards, the Queen Bey never stepped off of her throne and was giving good fashion All Year Long!

beyonce in osman grammys

beyonce in havana

beyonce carter fab

Donna Karan

What Say You?

Who would you put on your Style List?

Yours in Style & Class,

Sharelle D. Lowery