Tyler Perry's Temptation | Why I Never Want to See It Again!

I went to see Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor Hold Up: Best Scene of the Movie, Lance Gross getting out of that Shower. Okay, I could see those 20 seconds every day forever.

Lance Gross Temptation

Okay, lets unwrap this flick.

Its a Tyler Perry Film, staring the amazing Lance Gross, who plays "regular guy Brice." Oh yeah, there were some other people in the movie. The beautiful Journee Smollett-Bell, new comer Robbie Jones as Harley...and of course yes, Kim Kardashian. I didnt have much personal buzz wrapped around this film because It has not received the best ratings and quite frankly who gives a damn about a Marriage Counselors Confessions-but its so much steamier than that.

Brice and Judith

The movie starts off as harmless as sweet as most Tyler Perry films do, there was a Marriage Counselors slightly raggedy office, dream sequence to a young Christian couple who only know each other romantically and sexually. They move to the bright lights, big Chocolate City of D.C. You cannot help but be excited for the young couple. Journee or Judith is gorgeous, loves hard and in exchange for her purity she gets to wrap her arms around Lance Gross's beautiful character Brice.

All seems well until Judith starts work at this dating firm and positively hates it. She wants to be more, bigger and better. And the firm is filled with whores in one form or the other, no Kardashian Shade here, and Judith is as prudish as her name.

journee purple robe

This film is a cautionary tale for those who are not satisfied with their lives. I felt slight envy of their amazing relationship, good love and innocence. Their innocent love was picked at by outside forces. Bit by bit. From Kim Kardashian's sexy and funny character(and OMG Kim looked gorgeous, actually prettier than I have ever seen her), to Judith's sexy French boss, played by Vanessa Williams, who had no problem sending this married woman to the sexy and sultry New Orleans with this Uber Rich Social entreprenuer, Harley, who Judith was attracted to primarily because of his fortune and surface charm. Judith gets sucked into his world and her life tumbles down a hill that she will never recover from.

It was excellent. There were some predictable twists and of course Tyler Perry DID have the required black woman crack hoe. Unfortunately, the crack hoe was really touchable, believable and every woman in the theatre could see how they themselves could sit in Judiths same seat and let Temptation get ahold of you.

I left feeling pensive, thankful and grateful for all that I have.

As in all of Tyler Perry's films there was a lesson. Envy, Sloth and Lust are Seven Deadly Sins for a reason.


From a Christian perspective: It showed how the straight, narrow and seemingly boring path is the one that leads to personal happiness. Not the path that is wide, fun or easy. It was unfortunate because Judith tried time and time again to say no to Harley...stated very strongly that she was a married woman...and like the enemy is, Harley, her Temptation, was relentless until she was no longer the same woman who had married her husband. Engaging in exciting sex, drinking, drugs, loose living, moving far from God and disrespecting her Mother had become the New Judith.

When that is exactly who she NEVER was.

I don't want to see this movie again because as a Single, BlackGirl who definitely partied, it brought my humanity and vulnerability to the forefront.

But for the Grace of God, there go I.

Get Tested.

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