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The Low on Twitonomy


I am a Social Media Maven, or so I like to think! I, like many online business owners and content creators spend a LOT of time online building online communities via social media and our blogs. Honestly, spending time online is one of my favorite past times. My new love is Twitter and I am just starting to get lots of followers! Twitter is neat, not like facebook at all and requires a different level of engagement and dare I say-baby sitting.

Why I Dig Twitonomy

I have always wanted to know where my new followers are from. Where do I have the greatest number of followers and where am I most popular? Well that question has now been answered. New tool Twitonomy gives you answers! I know now that I have followers in Dubai, the UK and a healthy number of followers in the DMV(D.C. Maryland and Virginia)! Who knew that such a cross section of the world had been tweeting with me?

I love the visualize my RT's on a map!!...When the little Pins go down I get excited!

What I love to see is how many tweets I average a day (tweeting is a sickness) and what days are most busy for me. I also like to check out how much I am responding to tweets that come @ me. I saw that I was only responding to about 20% of the people who were messaging me. That tells me that my level of engagement could certainly be higher with people who are sending me messages.

I love seeing how much I am getting Retweeted. Retweeting is very important in spreading your message and brand, not just a clever quote, unless that is your brand.

What Twitonomy Can Do

* Check out my Twitter Analytics and Print them Out! * See the Followers that I Engaged with the Most * See Who RT'd me the most * Check out my most popular Hashtags to see what I have been talking about * You can see what platform you are tweeting FROM (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)

And there is sooooo much more that this web application can do, Im just chatting up the free version!

Twitonomy and Collabing

The awesome part of Twitonomy is that you can also analyze other peoples twitter accounts. This is awesome because you can see if a particular person or brand is or is NOT a good fit for your business as a partner.

I love twitonomy and if you are trying to build a greater influence and figure out where you have influence and which of your followers have good influence-this is the product for you! Don't forget this is also good to check up on the so called competition. See how much skin they have in the social media game.

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