Toya Harris Has NO CLASS! 10 Reasons!

Toya Harris from Married to Medicine is the prettiest UNCLASSIEST member of the cast-and I'm sorry Kari does not count(because she is clearly gutter trash-pretending NOT to be). Like I have said before, Kari she is no Kim Zolciak. I have compiled a Quick 10 List of Toya's characteristics and why she has NO CLASS! Toya Harris

Here is my ClassyBlackGirl Take on Toya Harris:

1. Toya Harris is in the barber shop with her husband. Can't he have a FEW moments to himself, while he gets his hair cut?

2. Toya Harris hosted a party on the same night as her friend. Why would she host a party on the same night at Dr. Jackie?? Who Does that??

3. Toya Harris speaks extremely poor English, "That's what paranoid people does." <<

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4. Toya spends all of her time talking about Mariah. Mariah's presence determines Toya's whole outlook on how she is going to handle a situation.

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5. Toya spends crazy time trying to dig up dirt on other people instead of trying to get new pots, since she is a doctors wife.

Toya Harris

6. Toya gets excited because she finds dirt on other people.

7. She doesnt respect her husband.

8. She cooks in the most trashy pots that I have ever seen.

9. Toya Harris acted like there was nothing wrong with spreading gossip around about peoples the Beauty Salon. This is not just UNCLASSY....its Trashy!!

10. She started the fight between her and Mariah Huq. And then she lied about NOT starting it.

Eugene Harris ClassyBlackGirl

There are so many other reasons why Toya Harris has no Class, but these were just my Top 10!

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