Thug Wanted: Nice Guy Need Not Apply

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the nice guy

Dear Sharelle,

I have a dating question for you. I am a hardworking, nice guy. I have a good job at a local utility company, I have nice things and have a nice and respectful attitude. So many women, who I meet, are hard working "good women" as well. I try and get to know them but they quickly let me know that they are looking for a dude with more of an edge or a thug. Why are regular brothers of the world getting passed up for Thugs?...what's wrong with being Mr. Nice Guy?

Harrison, Lonely Nice Guy

women like nice guys

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No More Mr. Nice Guy!

Dear Harrison,

Any woman who wants a thug is not a "good woman." She has some serious self esteem issues and does not deserve a "good man" or a "nice guy" I don't care how much she makes. A lot of men say that they have this trouble, and I love to share good advice with the nice guy! First of all just like those women want Bad Boys, you probably like the type of women that are "bad girls." We must re-educate what you are attracted to! Start looking internally at women. Here are a few of my suggestions:

1. So work on changing your ideal of what is beautiful! There are plenty of beautiful, hard-working, real "good women." Hint: Mature and Nice Girls tend to like Nice Guys as well.

2. Join a meetup where people all do things that you like to do weather its fly fishing or blogging. There are meetups nationwide and these are a good place to meet women who share your interest!

3. Do not assume anything about ANY woman. If you see an ideal woman just walk up to her, begin respectful conversation and ask her out! Don't be shy and go after what you want. Many women are not attached that you might assume is attached! Step up!

And Harrison DO NOT date women that you work with anyway!!...that's just a possible problem waiting to happen!!

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery