The Top 10 Things I'm Not Here for This Week

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1. That Song, you know the one between LL Cool J and Braid Paisley, "Accidental Racist." Like I dont know what LL was trying to do, I guess just show solidarity between black people and white people. While his intent was probably good, it was an all around bad idea not to have better writers. Its almost damn impossible to find the song online, but Google it and send a link my way, they keep deleting it from everywhere!!

2. All these people going in on President Obama, about what he said about Attorney General Kamala Harris. This was not sexual harassment. Well if she was a secretary, maybe. But Kamala is a power chick in all aspects of the word and she has been beautiful her whole life. If she was offended, she knows how to open her mouth and step up to the plate. What's really uncool is when other women who have REAL authentic arguments and their arguments are ignored because people feel like its as mundane as the comment that President Obama made to the Attorney General, I guess the President likes Red Bones too!!...Go Prez!

they better be glad that I am not the President!!...23 year old boys everywhere honey!

3. The Tyler Perry Haters. How long can you hate a man, if you dont like his movies, dont go see them. #GetYourLife

tyler perry haters

4. Kim Kardashians Maternity Style. I am a KIM STAN! <...but these maternity fashions as of late are awful and painful. Kim I cant, there have got to be some Maternity Lines that are dying to have your pretty tail in them. Please swap that leather skirt for a Mumu.

5. Im not here for Google +. But if you like it, please add me to your Circles. Im trying to get with the program, but its almost as bad as LinkedIn.

6. Dry Natural Hair. Black Women, yes natural hair is tres belle! And we look damn good wearing it, but I need you to moisten yo' shit! There are too many great products out there for you to have hair as dry as a desert! Your prescription is a spray bottle and a trip to Sallys(because I hate the Beauty Supply)...and get some moisture rich conditioner. I would tell you the one I swear by, but its not on the market yet!

7. Im not here for Chris Tucker hosting the 2013 BET Awards. I mean, I am younger than Chris Tucker and I dont even watch the BET awards anymore. Lets get a petition going and ask Tyler Perry to put him in a Movie or two. They boy needs real work yall! But you know I will be watching tho, right?


8. Tardy for the Party, former RHOA cast member Kim Zolciak is now going to have her own show on Tuesday nights talking about what, I dont know. But her wedding special was boring as hell, I admit, I watched a few ep's. But the best part was when she put her Mama out at the wedding reception for going into Kim's rented house. Ha! She might be white but she got them "forget where I came from" tendencies. GTFOH, nobody is here for that ish....

Side Bar: I would actually LOVE for Kim's Mama, Jim Jones Mama and Keyshia Coles Mama to have a Reality Show! Now that...I would watch!

9. Im not here for Ray-J trying to hang onto his little fledgling career by putting this song out, "I hit it first." You know its about my girl Kim Kardashian. Damn, her name is in my list twice this week! But next week Im going in on Kanye West, why even respond to a fool who says something as dumb as that. We all know Kim K. has been f*cking since she was 10. You were NOT the first to hit it, you just beat Kanye to the punch!!

10. Okay, publicaly as an educated and prideful woman of color I cannot in good taste be here for anything that Mona Scott Young produces. I just cant. In case you dont know Mona, she is the Executive Producer of VH1's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, NY and other self deprecating Reality shows that continue to make Black and Latin women look a hot a** mess! I mean, Im waiting for a Love and Hip Hop India messing around with Miss Mona honey. But really I am dancing on tip-toes like a ballerina getting ready for love and Hip Hop ATL!!! debuts on April 22nd!!...what chu say???...I will be live tweeting ALL DAMN day and will be curled up with my popcorn and red wine watching when it comes back on! They are going to make me LOVE Monday nights again honey!! And of course...I have the Super Trailer Right Here!!

Get at me Next Wednesday when I shut down the Worst of the Week with 10 Things I am not here for!!...and of course you can rock it out on my Podcast by going to and listening to the most recent show!

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