The Power of a Thank You Note!

Thank You Notes As I am just putting pen to paper to thank those who desired to spend my birthday with me this past weekend I was of course moved to share some “Thank You Note Rules” with you!  First of all, a good business person always makes time to thank those people who do nice things for you.  As my Pastor says, “People do not have to be nice to you!”  So when they are-say thank you.  Here are my Urban Etiquette Rules to saying thank you:

  • Set aside time every week to send thank you cards to the people who have done nice things for you.  I suggest that you begin your week with thanks and gratitude!
  • If somebody has done something exceptional, make sure that you send a thank you note within 24 hours!
  • Make sure that you are careful and do not have any typos, this removes any credibility that you might have gained.
  • Don’t wait too long to send thank you notes-let people know that you appreciate them.
  • Your note does not have to be a major paper, just a quick, neat, handwritten and signed note will suffice!


Thoughtfulness will go a LONG way!