The Nor Cali Ques Cookout | What You Didn't See on my Instagram! #ColemanLove

Y'all know Im one of the Good Red's and there is nothing that we love more than The Good Bruhs of Omega Psi Phi.  Every single fraternity and Sorority wants to have what we have, true kinship and love for each other.  Check out how we got down as we closed out the summertime together in Northern California nothing but Purple and Gold and Crimson and Cream!

A few of us hopped into an impromptu photograph and we all said cheese!  This honest photograph depicts how we are not afraid to get together and honestly love each other!  We call it Coleman Love, because two of our Founders Frank Coleman and Edna Brown Coleman were married and created all of this good red and purple love!

Me and my homeboy Jason...there had been some Omega Oil.  Yeah I decided to go ahead and kick it with the Bruhs!  I hadn't been out in a while but it was soooo good to see old friends and meet new ones!

Mr. BBQue was kinda FIONE, huh? *smile* I was like, "I see you light skinned Que!" I also swooped up his skills for my Beef Its Whats for Dinner Post too!

Me and my Sistergirl Soror, Ashley!

My Soror Gina LaJander was representing with the gorgeous face and itty-bitty waist! West Coast Reds honey!!

I love that the Cookout is above all else about family.  So many of my friends now have children that are running around and are getting all grown.  Seeing these men and their sons and daughters warmed my heart.

Yeah Dario man....I know he is going to set it OWT.

I had to jump in an Omega Sandwich for at least ONE photo! Two of my favorite Bruhs!

A Few More Black Greek Life Posts

Now you KNOW we were doing a little parking lot pimpin' after the set!  Red cups hidden.

Yeah....I loved this Crown Royal candy dish!!!

A lot of people see Black Greeks and only think about the hazing, the service, the family, the tradition and the educational initiatives are rarely focused on! Make sure that you keep checking in here at because I LOVE talking Greek. And I will always give you the real, but I will show you all sides of our Black Greek Letter organizations which are sometimes misunderstood.

Did you party at any awesome Cookouts this summer?  Tell me all about it and represent your Fraternity and Sorority!