The Kerry Washington Red Wine Effect on Black Women

Kerry Washington and red wine

There is no doubt that Kerry Washington is everything right now. From her dress to her roles, specifically as Olivia Pope on the hit television series Scandal, she is having a major effect on lifestyle. There is nothing more "lifestyle" than red wine and nobody is more captivated by Kerry Washington than Black Women. We love seeing a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman holing her own all over Hollywood, the political scene and and now into marriage and motherhood-especially when she looks like us.

The Kerry Washington Red Wine Effect

Me and my social media Sistas

Certainly we know that Olivia Pope is not a real person(because Kerry Washington doesn't actually drink alcohol), but we pretend that Olivia Pope is real every Thursday night(Thursday night is Scandal Night). Me and my Sista's on Social Media call out the red wines that we will be drinking together virtually right along with Ms. Pope! While this may not seem like it is much of a social shift, it is major. Historically, most people of color fancy lighter and sweeter tasting wines that are easier on our palates. But the Kerry Washington Red Wine Effect has us trying different wines,

"Yes I will have that Cab over there."

Red Wine Transformation

This is an awesome transformation that the wine industry should take note of as Black women have an enormous amount of impactful spending power and can move the urban wine favorite from Moscato to Malbec with the blink of an eye if we are catered to and cultivated appropriately.

Red Wine Prediction

I have just started loving red wine about 2-3 years ago and now it is almost exclusively what I drink. When I take a trip to Napa or Livermore or just right over the bridge to Alameda I am always looking for the my next favorite red wine. I predict Sistas toasting with more than Chardonnay and Moscato over the next 18 months, Zinfandel and Pinot Noir are going to be our new go to entertainment and enjoyment spirits of choice!

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