The Kappa Kookout | What You Didn't See on My Instagram!

Hey Now!  A few weeks ago I decided to join the oh so fine gentlemen of Kappa Alpha Psi in the San Francisco Bay Area for their annual Kappa Kookout! It was lots of fun and here are photos that I didn't share on Instagram!  Join me in my Krimson & Kremeness!

So let me just say...this is going to be a post of photos.  No drama, gossip or anything unsavory will be distributed.  Enjoy!

I think that this was all of them!  It was no easy feat trying to get all of these Nupes into ONE photo!

Two handsome old can't help but love dudes who love who they are! These are the type of Nupes that I just love!

I found this to be a beautiful photo, father and son spending time passing on important traditions.  There is nothing like the gentlemen of Kappa Alpha Psi.  I mean...I love the Nupes!

Generations of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Even the photographer was pretty!  Of course he was taking photos of your ClassyBlackGirl!

Man...when you get to hearing your song and remembering undergrad.  That old school train comes up!  This makes me miss my own Sands.

I had a blast with this Seasoned Soror!! <3 Oooooo-Oppp!!!!

Dante Jones showed some deference because we were ALL waiting for plates!

I love my Sorors!

The AKA's were repping, looking pretty and having a blast!

This picnic was tons of fun!  The gentlemen of Kappa Alpha Psi did an outstanding job of showing us how to have a great, peaceful and fun event!  It was good to reconnect with old schools and meet new people!  What Black Greek picnics did you get out to this summer?