Surface is a Curly Girls Dream! #NaturalHair

So I received this box in the mail with one single bottle of Surface "Curls Smoothing Cream."

I was a little leery when I looked at it because I wasn't sure if it was trying to relax my curls, and I am NOT for any of that!

I washed all of this hair and I decided to try it!...I'm so adventurous with this head of hair!

Here are my quick and pretty thoughts about this awesome Wash an' Go conditioner!...well that's how I used it anyway!

Get Your Curls Now!

Scent: It smells like cake batter, no really.  I was like, is this going to make me hungry?  But it actually doesn't translate like that to your hair.  One thing that I DID notice with the cakebatter smell is that it wasn't ALL strong and alcohol-ish smelling like some hair products that was a WIN!

The Slip: NICE! My hair was super soft and felt moisturized during the conditioning process.

The Crunch Factor: In complete honesty the crunch factor was there.  However...

The Curl Fabulosity: my curls were uber defined, nice and neat and worth the crunch factor!  My Day One curls were basically looking like Day Two curls! And you know that it's the second and third day when our hair starts bouncing out that we love it the most!

This is most definitely a do over! I will keep a bottle of this in my beauty basket! I was not prepared for this little brown bottle to give my hair such life!
— -Sharelle D. Lowery


The Beautiful Truth

I do recommend that you make sure that you coat it with Coconut Oil (or some other light oil) at night the first day that you use it!...because after day one it feels a little dry.  But the Coconut Oil added the moisture that my hair required.

Love, Love, love this product and I would love to try the rest of the line!

I was provided a bottle of Surface "Curls" for my consideration, however all thoughts are completely my own.  I will always give you the most honest truth and YES child this is in my Beauty Basket!

Get your own bottle here!...if you do...I receive a small "appreciated" commission!