Full Figured Fabulous @SuperModelEmme is Coming to San Francisco!

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Being a Curvalicious girl has been a permanent part of my life. Its a part of my talk, walk and fashion.  As I began getting older and I started loving my own body and stopped trying to be skinny but focused completely on being healthy and fit...I started following power chicks like Emme and Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista (who I have had the privilege of working with and knowing).  Being curvy is what we all have in common. 

So you can only imagine the excitement that I felt when I heard that Plus Size Super Model Emme was going to be in my town of San Francisco serving her her fashion, flyness and unapologetic curves. I was delighted.  

I have always enjoyed fashion shows, but where are the really classy, curvy fashion shows?  At Macy's, of course.

Next Saturday, October 24th, Emme will be in the Building at Union Square in Macy's! If you want to come, score your tickets by clicking here!

What it meant to be a Model was always super skinny and unattainable-for me anyway.  Being that models are synonymous with all things beautiful, when I discovered Emme and understood her history and her passion for all of us to love our own bodies, I knew that I became an instant fan, "this lady understood my pain and curves."

On October 24th this upscale fashion show is going to showcase:

  • Melissa McCarthy Seven7, 
  • Calvin Klein
  • INC 
  • Michael Kors 
  • & More

...all for the Plus Sized Girl! Can you feel my giddiness?

So I hope that this has you as geeked up as it has me, if so go ahead and meet me for selfies at Macy's Union Square in San Francisco and we can oogle all of the chic fashions! 

Get Your FREE Tickets Here!



We can also shop, meet Emme AND get a fly beauty bag if we spend $75 bucks or more! Ask me ANY fashion questions, I will be there to give you my #ClutchThePeals opinion on being pretty and plus sized for the Fall!...remember to use and follow the hashtag #MacysEmme and lets take some curvy pics together!