Summer Time Sleek Courtesy of Bare For Men

Summer Time Sleek Courtesy of Bare For Men

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OK guys we're well into the summer season. There's hot weather everyday to send we off to parks for BBQs and beaches for water side picnics. For most of us the layers of clothing drop to a minimal level as skin gets to absorb the hot sun rays. You can't avoid the sweat that comes with the heat but you can help reduce it in the process of cleaning things up for your appearances at the beach. That's what I'm aiming for but I'm not a fan of razors so here we go to find a more comfortable alternative to get cool for this hot time of year. I was made aware of Bare for Men products and figured that this was as good a time as any to give it a try. This will be a new "look" for me but I'm up for anything once.

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Fortunately for me Bare for Men is available at Duane Reade which is my direct stop for a number of personal care products. I knew right where to go to in the store to find what I was looking for. I made my way past the men hair care products to find the hair removal section right where I knew it would be. Clearly labeled and easy to find makes it an easy in and out trip for a guy on the move.

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Thinking about a smoother hairless appearance, I saw a few other options like creams and sprays. I remember Nair when I was younger and it burned so I didn't see myself going down that road again. Clearly Bare for men is pretty popular as I managed to purchase the last one in the store.

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The Bare for Men provides a bundle of waxing strips that are very user friendly. This was quite a relief to a guy that has never dealt with wax in this manner before in life. The process of "Wax on, Wax off" was very smooth, very fast and very effective. This clean look will get the official beach test within the upcoming week. Depending on how comfy I feel I may have to swing back to Duane Reade to re stock on Bare for Men because something tells me this look may be a hit.


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