Stepping Out, Right.

Well you may not think so, but your “on stage” the moment that you step out of your front door, especially if you are in business for yourself!

While you are walking to the mailbox in your pajamas, going to the grocery store in raggedy sweats, running by the office without a morning shower.  I know, I know, “Nobody was going to see me!”

But then your neighbor that was supposed to do business with you drives by and its 12 noon and your in your jammies “looking for your check,” then you see a current client in the deli in your embarrassing t-shirt or worse your colleague is still at the office and you aren’t looking good or feeling “sure.”

Taking the time to make sure that you are nice, neat and presentable is required.  When you get ready to walk out of the door everyday you should think to yourself, “Would I do business with me?”  Sometimes we look like we are asking for change.  And there is no excuse for that.  While you do not have to be in a St. Johns suit you should at least dress like you are ready for success!

Business is War, and you should always be prepared.

My personal beliefs are to always dress better than anybody else: With more precision, more sophistication and a more upscale look.  For ladies that could just mean a strand of pearls and a cardigan over a t-shirt and some yoga pants.  For gentlemen that could mean ditching those sweat pants and wearing a pair of pressed Khakis and a polo.

Never make excuses for not taking care of yourself or looking presentable, the lack of taking care of ones self makes them appear incompetent.  Nobody wants to do business with the incompetent!!


Do Good Business,

Your Classy, BlackGirl.

Sharelle D. Lowery