The Best Cover for a Samsung S 4 | For the Undropable Selfie!

My Apple products have been my babies.  But this new Samsung S 4 is my boo! I received it when I became a Walmart Family Mobile Ambassador and needless to say I love it. have moved all of my pleasure and fitness phones apps and phone calls.  If you don't have the new number, we just don't talk that much!

Every good phone deserves a good cover. I always need a good cover to protect my valuable information, but also to upgrade my look.  Who carries a phone around without a cover?

Speck has the BEST mobile phone covers for a couple reasons:

  • They look fly
  • They are grippable 

Being grippable really helps out when you workout and get slippery fingers or if your just a little challenged (clumsy) like me!

The Samsung S 4 is a little bigger than my iPhone s5 so I was dealing with a bigger phone for my small hand.  Again the grips all over the phone are really important!  Especially when I am taking a Selfie!

Get this cover for yourself so that you don't drop your phone either!  There is nothing worse than dropping your phone because it was too slippery OR maybe you were getting your physical fitness on and your hands got a little slippery!  The grippable cover kills that possibility.

Get your cover here!

Disclosure: I received this cover compliments of Speck to facilitate this review!