Speak to a Sista Sunday!

Speak to a Sista Sunday As I was doing some grocery shopping with my Mother for Thanksgiving, I noticed other Sistas doing their shopping as well.  And something else that I noticed, was that none of us were speaking to each other.  When did being a Sista become an isolated experience?  This lack of acknowledgement is so becoming the norm that I even notice other Sistas looking away upon approach.

Instead of complaining about it any further I decided that there are some days that Sistas are OUT and about church-going, brunching, shopping, at the grocery store and preparing for the week.  Sundays, usually those days are less stressful, more surrounded by the people that we love and an opportunity to Smile and Speak to a Sista.

So I am deeming Sunday…In Classy, BlackGirl Land… “Speak to a Sista Sunday!”

I always meet wonderful women when I open my mouth and simply say, “Good Afternoon, your shoes are FIERCE!”

Classily Yours,

Sharelle D. Lowery