Skinny Parfait Pops with or without the Popscicle Mold!

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So I was all excited  about this awesome Skinny Parfait Popsicle recipe!

This is ALL that you need!

I was shopping at The Walmart Neighborhood Market and I was able to get everything that I needed when I realized that I didn't have a popsicle mold at home. *poutyface*

I decided to try my hand at being a DIY'er, which is not really my normal method of operation but I was dying to try these fun pops out and the fact that they are so healthy, I realized that I needed to MAKE it work!

So I searched into my Black Girl mental Rolodex, okay I just called my Mom. And I asked her how to make my own Popscile mold.

Mom's "Old School" Popsicle Mold: 

  • Plastic cups 
  • Popsicle Sticks

It never dawned on me that I wouldn't need much more!

So I rushed home excited and hyped to make these home made Parfait Pops with my niece! What I loved about them is that they were so easy, low calorie, high protein and packed with Blueberries....and I could make them in 10 minutes and munch on them throughout the whole week!  The Walmart Neighborhood Market had everything that I needed so I didn't have to go to several stores to make a delicious dessert!...and I could eat sweet and be mindful of my waist-line!

Ingredients for the Skinny Parfait Pop:

  • Greek Yogurt (Vanilla Gives is that pop of Delish!)
  • Frozen or Fresh Blueberries
  • Pure Vanilla

Helpful Hint: If you use frozen blueberries let them sit out on the counter for about 15 minutes to get that initial ice off.  Because they are murder to blend!

Put these puppies on a plate and put them in the freezer!  

They freeze pretty quickly and they are the perfect to bring out whenever you get the itch to eat something sweet!  You may have to use a knife to get them out of the mold, but it will not affect the treat and will shimmy right out!

My Skinny Parfait Pops are less than 100 calories each and they are packed with protein from the greek yogurt and anti-oxidant rich from the Blackberries!...and guess love them!  So this Auntie is winning!

I got all of my ingredients from the Walmart Neighborhood Market between the groceries and the everyday goods this was a great Summer Time Success!

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