Sharelle D. Lowery new Hamilton Beach Brand Ambassador!

Heyyy... You guys know I am all about bringing you the best in Lifestyle-period.

Sharelle D. Lowery makes Brand Ambassador!

I have been so honnored with the opportunity to become a Hamilton Beach ambassador!

Hamilton Beach Brand Ambassador Smaller

And please remember that this ambassadorship is for you my readers, friends and family!!...especially now that we are closer to the holidays and will be using our kitchen machines much more!

Giving You the Best!

I use lots of kitchen tools as most of us Kitchen Diva's(and Divo's) do and of course we want to use the very best. But nobody ever tells us from a true and raw perspective how they feel about a products performance! Well now that's my job as a Hamilton Beach ambassador I will be trying their appliances out and giving you the real deal Hollyfield truth about them and how they work!

Hamilton Beach Brand Ambassador

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Enter the Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart!

I make smoothies almost every morning and Hamilton Beach sent me a Smart Smoothie and a Single Serve Blender. I have been dying to get some Kale and other "hard to blend" items into a blender, but my current blender just wasn't cutting it-literally! I had been wanting to get my Simple Green Smoothie on but to no avail!

Enter the Smoothie Smart by Hamilton Beach!...and for those lighter days the Single Serve Blender!

This month I will be sharing some wintertime smoothies on so make sure that you are tuning in regularly and definitely checking me out on my new food and relationship blog: where we dish Recipes and Romance!

I would like to thank Hamilton Beach and my readers!...Please comment, let me know what you think and suggest ways that I might be able to really give this amazing machine a go for it!


Oh and yes I WILL be giving away BOTH of these machines...and they will get to you right before Christmas!

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