Shae Buckeey Johnson "Side Chick Etiquette"

So I like Shae. Y'all watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I'm talking about Shae Buckeey Johnson, Lil Scrappy's Side Chick. If I was Lil Scrappy, would I be with Shae Buckeey Johnson?...yep.

Just like Mama Dee said, "When somebody loves you more than they love themselves, you get top dollar." The problem is, Lil Scrappy is never going to feel like Shae Buckeey Johnson is top shelf. And as far as I am concerned, Buckeey needs to get her Side Chick Etiquette right. And Erica Dickson is tripping if she thinks that Lil Scrappy is not going to slip slide back into that from time to time. Beckeey is just way too willing and frankly, easy.



Side Chick Etiquette for Shae Buckeey Johnson and every other Side Chick:

1. Stop thinking that you are going to be the main chick-ever. Men are simple creatures, they don't see side chicks as main chicks. No sex trick or sweet potato pie is going to change your place in his mind. Side chicks and Shae Buckeey Johnson, you would do better finding your own man and being somebody elses MAIN chick.

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2. Why You mad at Erica Dixon, or the Main Chick Tho? The Main Chick is the ONLY person that has room to be pissed! When you are a side-chick-you know that you are a side chick. Do not step to the MAIN chick. Do not call her house or their house.

3. Side Chick Etiquette Rule Number One is, Know Your Role. When you step out of your role, you ruin the whole homeostasis of how the dysfunctional cheating relationship works.

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4. Your Status is Number Two. Okay actually side chicks are more like 15 or 20 in the list of a man's priority, however you CAN get a little higher if the sweet potato pie is hot and the ice cream on the side is your snatch.

5. You aren't family. Or IN the family, So dont try to be, I need Shae Buckeey Johnson to stop calling Mama Dee. Mama Dee can only relate to you because she is an ORGINAL SIDE CHICK.  Who wants Shae Buckeey Johnson as their daughter in law??... Hello does anybody remember Flavor of Love? #ClutchThePearls

6. Have SOME Pride. When He says that its Over, please dont beg.  Lil Scrappy is not what I would call a quality man(though he is SMASHABLE), so if HE tells you that its over, Buckeey... get your right mind and your mind right and never f*ck with him again!  Being a side chick is ONE thing, getting treated like one-unacceptable.

These are just a few tips! But I feel that Six is a Good Number of Tips because six is the perfect number for a Slore. If you find yourself with this very BAD Side Chick Status you can change it today. Acquire a sense of integrity, stop dealing with taken men. This includes men with children that have not completely ended relationships with their child's mother.

Note: If you keep coming second to his "family time," even when its late at night or he spends time at his Baby Mama house-that includes him too!

"Close Your Legs to Married(or taken) Men." -Nene Leaks

But Hey Buckeey, Let's Get Real, You Can End Up Like Alicia Keys, Side Chicks DO Make Good.

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