Sequin Brand Wine: An Urban Hit!

Sequin Brand Wine is An Urban Hit!

There is NO Secret that the varietal Moscato has been ultimately popular in America. The Urban Market has been in love with Moscato for a while. Moscato is sweet, delightful and agreeable to most people's palate! One of the best Moscato's that I have tasted are from the Sequin Brand Wine.

Moscato is traditionally a very sweet white wine. Pinot Grigio is traditionally a slightly dry wine. Check out how Sequin Brand Wine turned traditions on its ear and added a little bubbly to sexy up the situation. Those of us in Urban Markets are loving this delicious brand of sparkling wine!

One of the reasons that Urban Markets drink white wines is that they are a great way to be introduced to wine-period. Many people start on whites and then open their palates up to Reds. Well, in my experience anyway. Sequin brand wine combines a tasty wine that also provides a little bubbly.

Sequin Brand Wine Trio

The Sequin Brand Moscato is one of the tastiest and smooth that I have experienced! Its sweet with just the right amount of apple-ness(I just made that up) to make you smile when you drink it! I totally suggest this wine if you like Moscato's, because its NOT your typical Moscato!!...its a bit more beautiful. It has a few dimensions of taste and changes as it m moves across your tongue.

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The Sequin Brand Pinot Grigio is positively killer! It actually reminds me of a party in my mouth! The Pinot is sweet and fun makes me feel happy! It would be a great bottle to drink at a picnic or even at a birthday party hosted at a club in an ice bucket. This sparkling wine is all types of fun and while I DIG the Moscato, Sequin Brand Wine gets a 10 for this bubbly Pinot Grigio!

ClassySharelle Drinking Sequin Brand Wine!

So I am excited to share two of my new favorite wines with you-especially as we are getting into Warm Weather and light food is great with a light wine! By the Way Sequin Brand Wine is great for an outdoor event as well because its a Classy Twist Top! No corkscrew required!

You can pick up both of these wines at your local BevMo and tell me what YOU think of Sequin Brand Wine!! Do you like the Pinot Grigio or the Moscato better!

Next Up I am going to give the Rose a twirl!

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