Rihanna Lawsuit: Rihanna is Suing Who?

Rihanna LawsuitOur favorite Crazy Songstress Rihanna is back in the news again!!...but this time the lawsuit isn't her fault. No Rih-lly.

Rihanna has traditionally been a fan of TopShop, the fashion website. But things may not be so friendly after the recent situations have occurred! According to the New York Post, Rihanna is suing the British Retailer for $5 million bucks!

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Here are the photos at the root of the Rihanna Lawsuit. Rihanna Lawsuit Photo

The Huffington Post Says,

That a credible source chatted them up and Rihanna has been working on contracts with Top Shop and its parent company, Arcadia Group. TopShop just started selling a shirt with her image on it. Topshops says that they own the image and that they purchased the image from the photographer. However, they did not pay to use the images to resell her image and they did not pay, "artist licensing fees."

Rihanna Lawsuit Photo22

This means that Rihanna would not get paid on the sale of her own image. This is not sitting well with Rih-Rih and her team.

There have been no public comments by either TopShop or Rihanna but ClassyBlackGirl.com will keep you in the Loop, Since I adore your girl Rihanna!

Keep it Classy, Rihanna!

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