Remain Marketable, Remain Hydrated!

Remain Hydrated, Remain Marketable! mother-knows-best classyblackgirl water nestle

One of the most important aspects of loving yourself is what my Mother, Corrie J. Sampson, calls, "Remaining Marketable." Sometimes, as women, we will become so engrossed into another person that we loose ourselves. This is always dangerous!

My Mother has given me 5 lifestyle tips on remaining marketable. Each of these tips involve hydration of the mind, body and spirit!...with something as simple as Water.

"Hydration is Key!"

1. Drink Water and Workout! These two very important lifestyle rules will help you out two-fold. Drinking water will always work hard to keep your system clean, hydrated and this will keep your skin clear! Working out will keep your body fit and feeling good!

"Being Hydrated is Like Keeping Your Body tuned like a Well Oiled Machine!" One of My Favorite Bottled Waters is Nestle Pure Water!

These two practices will keep you marketable because you look good! They will also help to maintain your marketability because your partner will continue to be very sexually attracted to you!

2. Cleanse Your Face Daily with Bottled Water, Not Tap Water! Your skin is the first point of contact that a business, client or potential mate has when they meet you! You want your skin to be beautiful, shiny and bright and not hidden behind goo-gobs of make-up or dull looking and dry. Sometimes tap water can have bacteria and other "stuff" that you may not want to come in contact with your face. When you wash your face, use a bottle of water along with your choice of skin cleanser! Do not use the same water that you would use on your hands that you would use on your face!

3. Fast Monthly drinking only Water and Protein Shakes! At least once a month take a day where you fast and pray. And keep your body hydrated with lots of water, and protein shakes. This gives your system an opportunity to rest from food the protein is enough for sustenance at least for one day. Out bodies are made of 70% water and this fast from food will bless your soul. When you feel the need for food read a few chapters out of your favorite book of the Bible.


4. Keep one Day a Month for Yourself. This is not a water based rule however as a Pisces I always find solace in spending time near the water. Journaling, relaxing, napping and turning off all of my cell phones and not being responsible to anybody.

5. Bathe Weekly. You should be showering 1-2 times daily!...but bathing is a different matter. Some of us cannot remember the last time that we actually drew a bath and soaked our bodies. Besides the fact that bathing is relaxing and settles your mind and spirit its also important to dip your body in a bathtub. My Mother suggests putting a few teaspoons of olive oil to moisturize the skin.

One of my favorite brands of water is Pure by Nestle! It sits next to my nightstand for rule number 6, on my sink for rule number 2 and stays in my car for rule number one!

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