ClassyBlackGirl.com has not "done tech" in a while. However, we are entering into a new phase of delivering information and lifestyle experiences. As much as I love Tech and Gadgets, it was simply inevitable! FB Tech Etiquette ClassyBlackGirl

I wanted to start this new tech column with a great quick video featuring Randi Zuckerberg, Sister of Mark Zuckerberg and former Facebook executive. She chats talks about what to do in the situation of meals and device distration with friends! Who better to share Tech Etiquette than yours truly, Your Classy, Black Girl!

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What would you do in the situations that Randi has discussed? How would you feel about having to pick up the tab because you decided to pick up your phone and when was the last time that you were really fully present at a meal?...meaning NO cell phones at the table?

Randi Zuckerberg Tech Etiquette ClassyBlackGirl

Let your girl hear what you have to say and don't be shy! Also, let me know what products that you want me to review from my authentic viewpoint!

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