Wedding Wednesday | Pregnant Protocol!...The Expecting Bride

Wedding Wednesday | Pregnant Protocol If you are going to be a blushing and bouncy bride here are 10 Tips on Pregnant Protocol and how to keep the Ceremony Classy!...and comfortable. You are about to celebrate an ultimate union and the ultimate experience all at the same time! So enjoy every moment! You are going to be a little more heavy, so keep your day, look and ceremony lightweight. Here's How to be a :

1. Second Trimester Ceremony. Schedule the ceremony early in your pregnancy, but after the first trimester. Second trimester will serve you best as you will be obviously pregnant but not too big!

2. Be Proud and Pregnant. Do not try and hide the baby bump. You are already here, you decided to get married with baby in belly, so embrace it fully and make sure that it is clear that you are pregnant, not just plump.

3. Be Shoe Savvy. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable so that you can enjoy your day as much as possible! I suggest a gladiator shoe or some other flat sandal!!...and make sure that your shoes are not uber visible!!...and keep those toes extra cute.

4. The Pregnant Dress. It's all about the dress, right? Of course, and since you are pregnant you have to know that people are going to want to see what you look like. "Will she waddle, walk or work it?" So I suggest an empire waistline dress with flowy material such as chiffon. It draws the focus up to your beautiful face and helps your baby bump look as graceful as possible!

By the way...if you want to wear white-wear it!

5. Prevent Hair Horrors, by going with the flow of the nature of your hair. You are limited from chemical processes because you are pregnant so if you have naturally curly hair don't fight it. Consult with your stylist and ask them what would be the best way to maximize your look. Avoid heavy hair, wigs and weaves because anything constricting or hot and heavy will be one more thing for you to "fight through."

6. Help Helps! Make sure that you have a lot of help. Not just a wedding coordinator, but Sisters, Sister Friends and Aunts. Ask one person who loves you lots, to maintain the ultimate responsibility of making sure that you stay hydrated (and full of snacks) the entire day.

7. Fat Fingers, while it may be one of the LAST things that you think about, when your husband slips the ring on-you want it to fit-easily Make sure that your ring is huge, even a little loose and you can resize it after delivery or whenever those pretty little fingers shrink.

8. No Negatives. When you are expecting this can be a very hormonal time. Having a wedding can bring many emotions as well. When you are hormonal and emotional you don't want people who have negative things to say about your less than traditional walk down the aisle anywhere near you. Be sure not to invite those people and have your bulldog Maid of Honor or Wedding Coordinator keep them at bay.

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9. Make-up Maven. Looking like a Diva on this Day is not negotiable. There are many sexy and beautiful Pregnant Brides-make sure that you are one with fierce make-up that day. While your face may be fuller, wearing your hair up and making your face even more of the focus WORKS!....especially if your make-up artist and stylist agree.

10. Remember to focus on the celebration of the day! You will be a little stressed because of the nature of the event. So remember to take it easy for the Wedding Night as well. Clearly, this wont be the first time. So if you and the hubby wait until the morning to get it on, Im sure that your husband will understand. worst thing Mention to him that you might be a little tired-in advance.

Congratulations on your nuptials and new bundle of joy!

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