Preachers of LA and the REAL DEAL on Deitrick Haddon and his family

The REAL Deitrick Haddon DEAL!

I knew that this would catch your gossiper you!

Deitrick Haddon and Dominique Haddon USE

If you have been watching Preachers of LA like I have been then you have seen Deitrick and Dominique Haddon tie the knot-both times. I have to say that both times were beautiful. They are a young couple who both love each other and love God first.

One of the stressful moments during Preachers of LA was that Deitrick and Dominique had to tell Bishop and Mrs. Haddon that they were already married...before the wedding...Lawd! I was probably as nervous as Deitrick Haddon in telling his parents, because they are such holy rollers who were already feeling some type of way since Deitrick and his first wife separated. However there were 5 quotes from the Haddon Family that positively moved me and let me know that the REAL DEAL on his family is that they put God and family first:

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Deitrick Haddon and Mother Preachers of LA USE

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I loved when Bishop Haddon called his son Deitrick Haddon into the kitchen for a private moment with him and said,

"I am very, very proud of your success and how you have overcome the obstacles that you have faced over the past year and a half or so."

Bishop Haddon's words meant a lot to Dietrick and it is refreshing to see Black families in tact and with a healthy respect of elders.

I also liked when Dietrick said to his father,

"You the Man."

So many men(and women) have issues with their fathers and its rare to see a Black man embrace his father and give him the ultimate in accolades.

"You could have called us said that you were hurting."

This was from Xena, Deitrick's older sister who was angry that her brother did not come to her when he was hurting. Now, you all know that I am the side-eye Queen. But I was so impressed with their genuine love for each other. This was not a conversation of I hate you, but rather one of I love you and don't shut me out when you are hurting.

"At the end of the day, life ain't that long."

This was from one of Deitrick's brothers about settling all present issues.

"I want yall to forgive me for all that I have done wrong."

Deitrick requested of his brothers and sisters during a heated conversation. And then all of the Haddon's laughed. It was so pleasant and light, even after the cussing and crying, it was all good.

I adore how the Haddon's fuss, fight and then apologize-with honesty. While the Haddon's are a proud family, they are not too proud to say when they were wrong.

Bonus Quote from Bishop Haddon:

"Families who God has joined together, let no demon put asunder."

This is certainly something different than has been shown in other reality television shows! Bravo Oxygen, no pun intended.

Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery