The Problem with Photoshopping Beyonce

The Problem with photoshopping Beyonce

photoshopping beyonce classyblackgirl

Roberto Cavalli (and them) designed this super bad dress for Mrs. Beyonce Carter. Good for Cavalli, since Beyonce could wear any designer all over the world. But they Photoshopped Her. Of course, she did not approve. But she is Beyoncé, what about the rest of us?

photoshopping beyonce classyblackgirl

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The story goes that she was photoshopped. However the misunderstanding went...they were photoshopping Beyonce. I am a Stan, but this actually has nothing to do with the fact that I think that Beyonce is killing the Fabuloisity Game. I'm actually frustrated because, let's be frank. Queen Bey on her worst day is gorgeous, basically pretty and exceptionally slim. We love seeing her "stick it out." But in real life, Beyonce is NOT thick. ...but they still photoshopped Beyoncé.

photoshopping beyonce classyblackgirl

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This slim entertainer is a beauty standard. However you feel about it, it still is.

Why would you take an already unattainable beauty standard and photoshop that?

photoshopping beyonce classyblackgirl

Why are our beauty standards so wrapped around deadly thinness?

We tell our young girls(and now young men) that being anorexic is unhealthy, but we continue to allow designers and media to push unrealistic and deadly thin images upon us. Every time that I pick up a magazine and jock a cover, they continue to make me beg the question, "Am I sick or is she?"

photoshopping beyonce classyblackgirl

Can I drop 15, well yeah, but Im "good." But I even catch myself looking in the mirror with an overly critical eye.

And this is NOT a "white girls problem"...Black people are having these issues as well. Self esteem is not easy to come by and we are responsible to make sure that our little girls eat healthy and exercise, but also love every curve that God gave them.

Photoshopping Beyonce is Sick

I mean if Beyonce, who has a basically unattainable beauty, needs to be photoshopped, what does that mean for the rest of us? Who are these people perpetuating these stereotypes that this underweight look is sexy? Designers just want hangers to walk down the runway. Models who are doing unhealthy things to maintain pre-pubescent bodies at 21 are influencing girls to do those same things. Something has to be said about this.

photoshopping beyonce classyblackgirl

I am so grateful that Beyonce refused to allow photoshopped images of her body to be promoted. So many girls are cutting themselves and killing themselves because they are not "thin enough" according to unrealistic standards.

The Problem with photoshopping Beyonce is that photoshop is not real.

I know right, #ClutchThePearls

It kills our self esteem as we compare ourselves to Barbie like cartoon characters. We use Filters on Instagram, crop guts and that I can deal with. But when we stop loving ourselves, stop eating, start taking deadly substances and then pass that self deprecating mess onto our children instead of eating healthy, exercising and killing the TV-we set ourselves up for another generation of silent madness.

What Say You About Photoshopping Beyoncé?