Oprah interviews the Kardashians...

So I was curled up in my recliner and minding my Twitter on my phone when Kourtney Kardashian tweeted that she and her family were going to be interviewed by one of my Fave's Oprah on OWN.  I had just watched last weeks very revealing interview of 50-Cent, so I knew that it was to be interesting-to say the least.

Most of the interview was typical Kardashian, Kris is still my fave with Kourtney as a close second, yes I watch them.

However, I was most enthralled with the first half of the interview with Kim Kardashian, the epicenter of the families celebrity.  As much as I have always loved Kim to death, I was not as impressed as I wanted to be.  I expected her to be bubbly and bright, she seemed meek and different from her sisters.  Maybe she was just nervous, but she appeared jittery and lost without her script or cue cards.

I appreciate her drive and I think that their celebrity is crazy and awesome, we can all learn something about the way that these people work, but the girl seemed devoid of personality and I could see why she had ever been friends with Paris Hilton.

One thing that I learned was that when somebody else is doing the editing, you see the true people.  Especially Oprah's editors.

I am still #TeamKardashian because I love their ambition, but I am even more convinced that personalities are created in boardrooms not living rooms.