Once again it is WINE TIME with Columbia Crest!

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Once again it is WINE TIME here at ClasyBlackGirl.com HQ!  As we are getting into the fall and recipes are getting richer its Red Wine season, personally my favorite season of the year.  

Columbia Crest does something super amazing, that no other winery is doing...it allows you to basically make your own wine. WHUT...stop the presses (the WINE presses)!!

Right now the Blending Process has begun and you too can have your say on the taste and fragrance of the 2014 Columbia Crest Cabernet. I have personally tasted the previous years and the richness of this wine is impeccable!...and talk about full-bodied! The Cabernet Sauvignon is exactly the type of California Cab that makes any meal sing.

Have you voted? VOTE NOW!

If not, there is still time to add your opinion to the 2014 Vintage!...be sure and vote simply by clicking here!

I cannot wait to open my bottle and sit around the fire with friends and family!