Oh my new edges in 10 Days! #Hairfinity

I just want you all to know that I am NOT being paid for this story,* I'm just really amazed at my hair experience and I feel that it would not be fair to NOT tell you about my hair after 10 days!

So I started taking Hairfinity just because, well why not? 

See Me Day One using Hairfinity

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These little pills are filled with vitamins and biotin, above all else they are healthy and kinda double as my temporary multi-vitamin until I get my muti-vitamin life together.  I had no idea that I would start having these awesome results and so darn fast:

1. My Hair Texture is Changing!...in a good way!

I noticed in about 3 days that my hair felt different, like a little silkier.  Now I do not mean that all of the sudden I had silky straight hair, because I didn't!...my natural hair was more moisturized and it felt so much better in my hands while styling and washing.  I wasn't doing anything any different, I was simply taking these two pills every morning as soon as I woke up.  

2. My Hair Started Getting Fluffier!

As a natural hair girl you want the biggest, baddest sassiest curly fro period.  I knew that my hair was starting to change when I got out of the car and my big curly fro didn't get flat in the back! It just bounced right out on it's own! My hair was like the sunshine-in 10 days.

3. My Edges started Filling In!

Let me disclose that I have never had any super thinning edges, I have never been Naomi Campbell (you have seen her edges, if not see them here), but as I have gotten 30+ my edges have not seemed to remain as thick as they were when I was younger.  Be it the wigs, braids or pro style gel, my edges were not as thick as they had been.  But WHOA!  

After 10 Days of Hairfinity, "Oh my new edges!" 

My Mom also started taking Hairfinity at the same time that I did and she noticed that she had less hair coming out as she combed her hair.  She loved that because, who wants to lose hair? 

I will share my findings at 30 Days, but the first 10 days has been awesome and I am super excited about the future increased health and growth of my hair.

If you want to share your hair story and are thinking about taking Hairfinity join our private Facebook group 60 Day Hairfinity challenge and come talk about your hair woes and successes! JOIN US HERE!

Yours in bushy hair class!

*Although I DO make a small amount of money when you buy Hairfinity from my site!  And I appreciate every purchase.