Non-Personal Texts

About three years ago we all had that friend that seemed to be at home sending email forwards until the cows come home.  You either blocked them or changed your email address and swore off giving them you new email address!!...but now there is another electronic invader that is much worse-my text messenger demon/friend.

I actually only text people personal messages-not spam text messages.  I DO NOT send spam forwards regarding motivation, #random thoughts or party promo's...because its irritating.

There ARE some text solicitations that I DO like to get, those I have requested!  But if you do NOT ask somebody if you can send non-personal text messages with an affirmed response, your "daily word" or party promo text messages are more than likely being deleted within a few minutes of their receipt.

So do yourself a favor...ask your friends and acquaintances if they want to be contacted in that manner-repeatedly.

Otherwise you will find yourself in the NFL-->No Friends Left.

Sooooooo not Classy!