Is there a Difference Between Momma Dee and Rasheeda's Mother? #LAHHATL

The Momma Dee Difference...

Being a Mother is the single most difficult and important job-period.  Momma Dee and Rasheeda's Mother don't make it look easy either, parenting two entertainers!

This job doesn't come with a handbook or specific instructions. The doctor just hands you the baby and you are now a Mother. But do you then hand your asthmatic child a blunt? That's what Mama Dee did.

Did Momma Dee Buy This Blunt?

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Got Your Copy?

This season the Mothers of Love and Hip Hop have been giving the significant others of their children the business and the blues. Let's see who wins the Classy toss up!

Rasheeda's Mom

Classy Mom!

Rasheeda's Mom is a Mom much like mine. Okay NO, I cant cuss around her, I would instantly lose all of my teeth. But Corrie Jean is all about protecting her children. And I have learned that when we go crying to our Mothers about people who hurt us-our Mothers are not our friends. Your Friends will give you a hug, pour you a drink and tell you that "it will be alright girl." Your Mama...especially Rasheeda's Mother, Shirlene, will run a Brother over for cheating on her Princess, well at least his little bike! Shirlene was everything last night when she ran over Kurt's motorcycle not once, but twice! I hollered and had to watch it with my own Mama. Rasheeda's Mom wins the Classy trophy here! Kurt deserved much worse than that!

...on the Other Love & Hip Hop Hand!

Momma Dee is Controlling and Nuts

Trashy Mom!

The Mother of Little Scrappy, affectionately known as Momma Dee, is a former pimp, drug dealer, and community degenerate. Yes, Momma Dee! She basically worships her son as long as he does what she wants him to do-especially regarding his relationships. Erica Dixon, Little Scappy's former fiancé and Mother of his daughter is despised by Momma Dee because she has some sense of self respect and does not want Little Scrappy to cheat on her or run all over her.

No Longer in Love, Thanks Momma Dee!

Momma Dee does not have any established boundaries when it comes to her son, its beyond being over protective, she behaves like Little Scrappy's controlling wife, not a mother. No woman is ever going to be really good enough for Little Scrappy because Momma Dee simply wants her son all to herself. She surely has established a baby boy relationship with her son. Eventually, if Little Scrappy wants a real relationship with an adult woman, he is going to have to give Momma Dee some real life boundaries or he will end up an old, grumpy man smoking weed being enabled with his Mommie. And what self-respecting Mother gives Marijuana to her son-period...specifically one who has asthma? Y'all remember the asthma attack last season.

Lil Scrappy Momma Dee

I honestly believe that Lil Scrappy uses marijuana chronically because his Mother has caused him to participate in escapism. He needs to get away from "The Kingdom!" The tough part about this story is that it is not an uncommon one for Brothers. There are Momma Dee's everywhere, and they make for terrible partners. If you come across one of these men-RUN!...or else their Mama's will be talking about Kingdoms and come after you with guns and Knives!

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Is Your Mother More Like Shirlene or Momma Dee?

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