MLB FanFest Event at #DuaneReade in NYC

MLB FanFest Event at #DuaneReade in NYC I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

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As the Major League Baseball All Star Game in New York City approaches the festivities have already gotten under way as the city that never sleeps begins to welcome in the energy of this nation’s classic past time. The decorative logo’s shining with the classic New York sports colors of orange and blue were everywhere I looked as I made my way from New Rochelle into Manhattan and to my destination of the 52nd St #DuaneReadeMLB (23)

As I approached the store I could see the line of baseball fans leading out of #DuaneReade all representing their favorite MLB team. I had never been to this particular #DuaneReade and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I have already been a fan of the store especially when traveling and needing to pick up essential supplies. When I entered the store I was blown away by the set up. Not just of the MLB Fan Fest Area but of the entire main level of the store. The cashiers were positioned in the center of the floor. To my right along was an area for purchasing a variety of freshly cooked foods. I only see that in supermarkets honestly.

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My personal baseball trivia knowledge leaves much to be desired so I didn’t compete in the trivia portion of the event but the friendly folks working the area made sure I received my fill of the all-natural new Delish brand cookies and spring water that they had as free samples. I didn’t want to be greedy but they were delicious so I did have more than a few of them. As it was my first time in this store I decided to look around more to see if these treats I just sampled were anywhere else in the store and if other flavors and varieties were available. The sample spring water was prominently displayed by the MLB set up and some of the cookies along with other Delish snack were by the cashiers. You hopped down stairs from a look and came across a larger array of options.

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Upon my return upstairs I had my final helping of free samples, I wanted to leave room for lunch, and saw the culmination of the Fan Fest activities as photos were being taken with some of the happy ticket winners. I’ve never thought of #DuaneReade as the place that would facilitate a promotion like this but it was a seamless set up. There was space enough for the regular customers to freely room around yet the MLB space was larger enough as to not feel cramped and confined.

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As the crew started cleaning up I took my leave and instead of heading directly into the 50th street train station I finished off my Delish cookies and enjoyed the walk down Broadway to Times Square. I hope #DuaneReade hosts more events like this.

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