Mixer Etiquette!!...Get Some!!

So you have been invited to a professional mixer.  You work hard at your job and now comes the time to meet other professionals in your field at a “Mixer!”  Your excited, but nervous-what do you do, what is appropriate behavior, how can you get new clients?  Of course your very own Classy, BlackGirl has you locked down for successful, fun and effective networking!

Here are The Classy, BlackGirls Top 7:

1. Absolutely DO Not Facebook, Tweet or Text during a Mixer.  Those people can wait and if they cant, that is where you should be!  Ear pieces, Ipads and phones are inappropriate at Mixers.  Before you walk in the door-disconnect.

2. Do Not walk into a Mixer without a Business Card.  Business Cards are the way that people keep in touch with other people.  And the art of business cards are that they should be looked at after receipt as a sign of respect AND exchanged.  If you take somebody’s business card but do NOT provide your own, it’s a snobs move-and this is never good in business.  Please make sure that the business card is not greasy or bent a business card holder is recommended.

3. Know Your Purpose.  If you are going to an event to promote another event make sure that its appropriate-be SURE and not offend the person sponsoring the event, if you are going to look for more clients have your elevator pitch on LOCK!, if you are going to look for a new job remember that you could be on the interview BEFORE the interview.

4. Nametags are great to wear at mixers.  If you do not wear one in your regular business activity Professional Mixers are a great time to wear them!  Remember that they are to be worn on the right size, the side that you shake hands with.

5. Shake Hands Enthusiastically!  Make sure that when you shake hands that you are making eye to eye contact, that you don’t shake too hard and that you are genuine and shake hands firmly.  And chicks DO NOT jewelercize, jingling bracelets are not professional.

6. Eat Sparsely.  I suggest that you not be full but comfortable when you arrive at a Mixer.  I do not eat, because I could miss out on a great meeting because I am stuffing my face with meatballs.  A glass of sparkling water makes other people comfortable and wets my whistle.  Other than that I am like a beast in the room trying to make a positive impression on everybody.

7. Do Not Gossip.  It is tasteless, tacky and will NOT help you to win friends or influence others.

8. Meet New People!  There is nothing worse than wasting your time and possible dollars at a mixer and talking to the “same old people.”  You already know them-Greet them, check in and Keep It Moving!

If you have more questions about Mixer Etiquette, please hit me at AskSharelle@ClassyBlackGirl.com

Classily Yours,

Sharelle D. Lowery