The "Mean"-ing of Nene Leakes? #RHOA

Reality TV is biting the Queen of Bravo in the A**. Yes, Nene Leakes. Nene Leakes Mean

Mean-ing as is that media/Bravo is making her look even more mean than she really is. She better hold on to her cheddar.

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In corporate America there is always a newer, fresher and more hungry person waiting to take your job. Well in Reality TV there is always somebody looking to de-throne you. Nene Leakes is being de-throned right before our eyes. With Nene Leakes being one of the most well-paid reality tv stars with one of the worst attitudes, Bravo was more than excited that Kenya Moore appeared on the scene last year. Fun, fit and flirtatious. While Nene Leakes thought that she was going to move on and away from reality TV she did not realize that it would be because she was being booted out. The editing this season makes Nene look so unlikable that its almost obvious to me that Bravo is just tired of paying her so much.

Nene Leakes Very Mean

While I do not think that Nene Leakes is going to be booted from the show, I am sure that her contract is going to be "re-negotiated." This season she has looked mean, selfish, angry and arrogant. It has gone beyond the shade and snarky remarks that we are used to, the smart mouth that made us all "love the moose." Most of us ALL have moments that if pieced together at one time and spit out into a show we would look BAD!...but they aren't giving Nene any good moments to balance it out. In return we live for the shade of Kenya Moore and the tea that Cynthia Bailey is spilling combined with their amazing looks its making them much more juicy cast members.

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Seeing Nene act out and seeing Kenya Moore look benevolent (Clutch the Pearls!) and like a victim of all things should just be a cautionary tale for all of my reality TV queens and wannabee's, that if you get too big for the channel's budget you will get put in your place.

I mean if you look at social media, when people mention Nene Leakes it is always in a negative light. Nene better be thinking of a master plan. The public loved her and now...its turning to hate.

Or unless you have a power Mama like Kim Kardashian and you start Executive Producing the show that you get paid to act a plum on.

Lesson: Get your own or you will be the victim of channel "meaning" until you become unattractive and then-meaningless.

What say you about the "New Nene?"

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