The Meagan Good Dress: BET Awards Where Sexy & Saintly Don’t Mix

Where Sexy & Saintly Don’t Mix: The Meagan Good Dress Meagan Good Dress BET Awards

I was hesitant to touch this topic because from the initial twitter reactions to this look I knew what road we’d be going down. Long story short this is about the Meagan Good Dress. Meagan Good, a very attractive actress, is now married to a young preacher and was at the BET Awards as a presenter of the Gospel Award. Apparently there was way too much spirituality in the mix for some as Meagan has predictably been attacked with the usual slew of names (mainly from other Black women…surprise, surprise) for wearing what many deem as inappropriate dress for a preacher’s wife. I find this equally hilarious and hypocritically.

I never knew that marriage to a preacher meant an end to sex appeal. Meagan didn’t act improperly or say anything inappropriate so let’s start off which an admission of folk judging a book by its cover.  Also another thing we have to keep in mind is that in America we have an extra sensitivity to breasts, booty and the exposed body over all that is not the case in many other places across the globe. Ciara technically had just as much skin exposed but because she’s dating a rapper and didn't have any cleavage exposed she’s all good? Jennifer Lopez had a dress that folk still talk about 10 years later with a deeper cut but she was with Puffy so it ok?

Ciara BET Awards

Let’s also take a look at the event in question. The BET Awards……..really? C’mon now. BET allocates a minority portion of an essentially all mainstream Hip Hop and R&B program for one Gospel award & performance. Meagan was dressed fine for the event she was at. Not to mention, isn't L.A in the midst of a heat wave? I whouldn't fault her for this dress at all. The hair is another topic but I’m not a fashion guru so that’s for someone else to touch on.

Overall, as a wife she reflects first and foremost on herself then her husband. If they were fine with it then that’s all that matters. Many folk with these sideline comments would where the same thing if they had the ability to do so. Here’s the real question what would prefer from your mate? Good behavior and racy dress or a safe dress but racy behavior a la Paula Patton?

Paula Patton BET Awards