Beyonce's Dad Gets Married ...a new Mrs. Matthew Knowles

Beyonce's father and former manager, Matthew Knowles tied the knot in a secret ceremony with his fiancé of 18 months. Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Knowles

You know that I was furious when I heard about it, Matthew Knowles gets married and not RE-married to the beautiful Tina Knowles!

On Sunday, June 30th, Matthew Knowles (61) married 48 year old divorcee, former model and real estate agent, Gena Charmaine Avery in their hometown of Houston, Texas. Matthew did not share the nuptial news until June 5th for reasons of privacy.

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And the Word is that Queen Bey and Solange were not in the house. They had "previous engagements." ...neither one was performing, but who would want to see their father get married to somebody else?

Photo Credit: Sam Wilson / WENN

We had all pretty much been "good" on Beyonce's father after the split between Beyonce and Matthew Knowles (2011) because of his forcefulness and lack of ability to allow Beyoncé to manage her own career. However, it was the split between Matthew and Tina Knowles(2009) that really made us despise him. Matthew had a son, Nixon Knowles, out of wedlock with actress, Alexsandra Wright, and that was kept a complete secret from the rest of his family until the tumultuous divorce was final in 2009.

Matthew & Nixon Knowles

Beyoncé and her father have not completely reconciled since the split of their professional paths when she fired him. In other Beyoncé News...the Mrs. Carter Tour is positively kiilin' em! And Matthew Knowles had nothing to do with the success of this tour, album or any other success that Queen Bey is producing, thank you Mr. Carter.

On a Side Note: A lot of people have been chit-chatting about Beyoncé and her Mrs. Carter tour, and what's up with her name change??...and is it bad for her image?? It truthfully could be her adult removal from her father. Just a thought.