How to Have a Being Mary Jane Watch Party! #BeingMaryJane

Countdown to Being Mary Jane!

We have been waiting for Being Mary Jane for 6 months now! BET is finally giving us something that we can sink our teeth into and then they make us wait! But guess what ladies, the wait is OVER! Tuesday night is about to be "Being Mary Jane" Tuesday! Sista's will be toasting with their long stemmed red wine glasses a la Olivia Pope and excited to see what our girl, Mary Jane, is going to do or say next!


So you want to have a watch party with your girlfriends?

Here is a quick list to keep your Being Mary Jane watch party fun and filled with laughs!

1. Make sure that you have seen at least the videos, trailers and all of the content that you can consume on Being Mary Jane!

2. Also do not forget to check out what I wrote about how we all have a little Mary Jane inside of us! READ NOW!

3. Have your REAL girlfriends over, the ones that you can tell about the time that you did XYZ and you won't be ashamed because you all did the very same [trifling] thing!

4. Follow me on Twitter because I will be live tweeting BEING MARY JANE and you are going to want to see what I have to say LIVE! >>> CLICK HERE @ClassySharelle


5. Make sure that you have the your tablet or phone so that you can all ooohhhh and ahhhh over Gabrielle Union's new engagement ring! Yes Dwayne Wade put a ring on it! Now I cant wait to see the dress!

Gabrielle Union Ring

6. Have a good seat on the couch so that you can hear everything that these men are going to say lie about.

7. Have a good bottle of wine. You and your friends are going to need to sit back, sip wine and talk about exactly what the next 8 episodes are going to bring us! And then please come back here and tell me what you think, of course I will be watching and I will be writing!

Then tell me...

What did you think of the premiere of Being Mary Jane last July? Was it a good Sista Girl depiction, did you cry with her? What did you think about the keeping of said body fluids by Mary Jane?

Hit me up and let me know!

Your Classy Black Girl, Who is OFTEN Being Mary Jane

Sharelle D. Lowery